Online Support Center
MYTHLOGIC is working hard to make your support experience is as easy and accessible as possible. The MYTHLOGIC OSC provides you access to your system specific information, drivers and software updates, system manuals and other features to keep your MYTHLOGIC system up to date.

MYTHLOGIC Difference
Every MYTHLOGIC system is configured and built using the best quality components. That is where it starts. Each component is tested by the manufacturer, then tested and re-tested by MYTHLOGIC. Systems are NEVER pre-configured or pre-installed. Your system configuration is conceived the day you order it, and not a moment before.

Every minute of our time and ounce of our effort is devoted to providing you with the best possible computing experience possible. To that end, MYTHLOGIC will continue this high level of attention to you long after the system leaves the MYTHLOGIC Perch. The MYTHLOGIC Assurance ensures that any issue is rectified right away as well as maintaining the longevity of your system with the standard Lifetime Phoenix Upgrade Plan.

Phoenix Upgrade Plan
MYTHLOGIC is not in the business of short term happiness, we want you to have confidence in your MYTHLOGIC computer investment and years of gaming enjoyment. The PHOENIX Upgrade plan guarantees that you will not only be playing current games to the max but also future games for a long long time by providing you the option of keeping your MYTHLOGIC computer up to date with current and future technology.