Phoenix Plan

Lifetime Phoenix Upgrade Plan

MYTHLOGIC is not in the business of short term happiness, we want you to have confidence in your MYTHLOGIC computer investment and years of gaming enjoyment. The PHOENIX Upgrade plan guarantees that you will not only be playing current games to the max but also future games for a long long time by providing you the option of keeping your MYTHLOGIC computer up to date with current and future technology.

In short, at any time (any frequency), we will upgrade your MYTHLOGIC computers components for minimal cost to you. You will be responsible for all shipping and handling charges (to and from MYTHLOGIC), plus our component cost plus 5% (limited to MYTHLOGIC approved hardware).  All labor and testing is on us as part of owning a MYTHLOGIC computer.

Build Process Redux 

The PHOENIX Upgrade process also includes your MYTHLOGIC computer going through the assembly, pre testing, software configuration, benchmarking and recovery disk creation quality checklists.

In addition your MYTHLOGIC computer will also receive extra pampering via interior and exterior case cleaning, software updates, driver and firmware updates and a fresh OS install topped off with a brand new Recovery Kit (At your option of course).