MYTHLOGIC Corporation could not be what it is without the existence of truly extraordinary and innovative companies we are proud to call partners.


At O6 Web Services, we're focused on making Web sites that work.
Located in Lansing, Michigan, we work with clients around the globe to develop web-based systems that not only look good but function well and serve a purpose. We're not just about web design or programming, we're about combining technologies to solve a problem.


IntelIntel pushes the boundaries of innovation so our work can make people's lives more exciting, fulfilling, and manageable. And our work never stops. We never stop looking for the next leap ahead—in technology, education, culture, manufacturing, and social responsibility. And we never stop striving to deliver solutions with greater benefits for everyone. Intel creates amazing leaps in technology every day. Find out the many ways we stay at the forefront of technological innovation.


XFX There are three primary reasons why gamers around the world make XFX their brand of choice. First, there is XFX’s unmatched performance, utilizing NVIDIA and AMD's-based processing units, which consistently outperforms the competition at every level. Second is XFX’s impressive product quality, which includes XFX’s Double Lifetime Protection, a warranty that is unmatched in the industry. And third is XFX’s “For Gamers By Gamers” approach to its product research and development.


NZXTNZXT, a company built upon gamer's dreams, hopes to create products that put consumers first. Our objective is to provide every gamer with a case that they can identify with. Combining unique design and case performance, consumers will finally be able to find a quality case that will represent their own style and personality.


KikboxesKikBoxes Computer Craft, Inc., based in Minneapolis Minnesota, provides computer customization and modification services. We specialize in custom-painted finishes, case cutting, lighting, wire management, and more. We serve the needs of individual gamers and corporate organizations with equal enthusiasm! When you are ready to get out of a boring case and into a visual masterpiece with forms and colors to compliment your personality and lifestyle, Kikboxes is ready to take on your project.


NVIDIAThe Company creates innovative, industry-changing products for computing, consumer electronics, and mobile devices. The NVIDIA® graphics processing unit (GPU) and media and communications processor (MCP) brands include NVIDIA GeForce®, NVIDIA GoForce®, NVIDIA Quadro®, and NVIDIA nForce®. These product families are transforming visually-rich applications such as video games, film production, industrial design, space exploration, and medical imaging.


GamerNodeGamerNode was started in early 2005 by an avid gamer who was tired of the same-old copycat gaming news and reviews found on the majority of gaming websites. His solution? He started GamerNode. From the simple idea of an independent site "for gamers, by gamers," GamerNode has blossomed into a gaming website which is known for its honest and aggressive pursuit of the information gamers and industry professionals crave. From QuakeCon to BlizzCon, from the VGAs to E3, GamerNode is an industry presence that is growing continually and garnering the respect of the industry. Its staff and writers define the cutting edge in gaming news, and our readers are more than happy to come along for the ride. is owned by Underground Tournaments LLC. We are building a gaming network for the everyday gamer. Our pricing is very aggressive in order to provide an inexpensive gaming experience without giving up customer service or performance. Our standards are in place to keep the customers gaming experience in mind. We will not be overpopulating our servers. UGT Servers offers professional quality Ventrilo servers. Our prices unbeatable, our Ventrilo servers are top notch. Speed, all available Ventrilo codecs, and the highest quality voice on what is soon to be your new Ventrilo hosting company.


Silver StoneFounded in the summer of 2003, SilverStone Technology is now a proven leader in the field of aluminum enclosure design and manufacturing. Our expertise in creating functional works of art from ordinary electronics and computer components is widely recognized. Numerous designs and ideas for improving computer enclosures were first created by our talented team of engineers, who are regarded by many as leaders in their respective fields. Today, SilverStone Technology continues to garner attention and awards that reflect our original vision of creating the most advanced and beautiful products available on the market.