Custom Built Everytime


Every MYTHLOGIC system is configured and built using the best quality components. That is where it starts.Systems are NEVER pre-configured or pre-installed. Your system configuration is conceived the day you order it, and not a moment before.

Each component is installed with meticulous care; and in our desktops cabling is routed neatly throughout the case, to maximize airflow - all performed by an educated hand. The operating system is installed from scratch, all settings adjusted for the best possible performance. Benchmarking is then performed to ensure that the sum of the components is performance.

Every minute of our time and ounce of our effort is devoted to providing you with the best possible computing experience. To that end, MYTHLOGIC will continue this high level of attention long after the system leaves here. The MYTHLOGIC Assurance guarantees that any issue is rectified right away as well as maintaining the longevity of your system with the standard Lifetime Phoenix Upgrade Plan.

MYTHLOGIC will provide you the best performance computer for the money, the most comprehensive service, and industry leading support to further your computing experience.


All Systems:

- MYTHLOGIC Assurance
- Phoenix Upgrade Plan
- Custom Built with quality tested components
- Customized Operating System (OS) Install
- IC Diamond Thermal Compound application
- Custom MYTHLOGIC System Binder: Including your specific hardware configuration, benchmark results and signed build checklist.
- Custom Restore Partition and Resource media
- Original Genuine Windows Disc
- Original Component Manuals
- Free Yearly Tune-Ups (In Store Only)
- Free Yearly Monitor Color Calibration (In Store Only)
- ZERO Bloatware – unnecessary software or features

Burn In

Laptop Systems

Quality and Assurance the MYTHLOGIC way

- Custom Built Laptops with quality tested MYTHLOGIC approved components.
We are NOT simply Sager Resellers
- Optional MYTHLOGIC Pixel Perfect Guarantee (not available on all systems)
- Professional Monitor Color Calibration
- MYTHLOGIC Exalted Mobile Overclocking (available on certain Nyx models)

Desktop Systems

- Custom Built Desktops with quality tested MYTHLOGIC approved components.
We are NOT big box resellers.
- Meticulous cable routing: We hide everything we can to avoid poor airflow
- MYTHLOGIC Exalted Overclocking (available on certain Chimera and Cerberus models)

Visit the MYTHLOGIC Assurance page for more information.

We take our time building your custom performance computer. It’s not that we don’t have a process or checklist (ah the boring checklists), on the contrary, it’s because we love what we do and absolutely abhor detail neglect.

Before full assembly we test the monitor, power supply, motherboard, processor and memory for proper and full functionality. After assembly your bios is updated to the latest supported version and optimized based on your intended use and component selection.
Your assembled systems processor, memory, hard drives, etc.  are then subjected to a battery of testing utilities designed to help weed out any lazy components.

Your operating system is installed and optimized based on your intended use, no extraneous software is installed. The latest component drivers are installed and optimized and all components and I/O ports are verified to work without issue. In addition, we install the pre-requisite DX Runtime updates, Visual C++ runtimes, Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, MSXML runtimes, etc.

Whether your intended use is extreme gaming, digital content creation, home theatre, or a combination of the above, real world and simulated benchmarking tests help in determining whether your system is ready to rock, and what areas your systems configuration needs additional tweaking and optimization. No system is exactly the same but all must meet a minimum benchmark in order to leave our doors.

Our testing process also involves using the same software that Intel / NVIDIA / AMD platform and validation teams use (We are a direct Intel / NVIDIA / AMD partners) that stresses the CPU / Memory / Motherboard / GPU.


Finally after all assembly, configuration and testing are completed a custom backup image of your system is created. And as you may have guessed, we don’t stop there... We test the Recovery image by restoring to an identical hard drive setup and run this image through the same software configuration and benchmark testing. If the recovery test fails, we restart the recovery kit process.