How Every MYTHLOGIC Laptop Is Born

Physical Preparation:

Get the Goo Out!

First thing we do is we take the CPU and GPU heatsinks off and remove all the old "Gray Goo" thermal material that is on each part, and then scrub them down with alcohol to make sure the IC Diamond has a very nice surface to adhere to.

Part Installation

We then install all the parts into the laptop, CPU and GPU both get excellent beads of IC Diamond which we will make sure are done properly by testing later. In addition we make sure that the little things like the network card antenna wires are down so they don't make the keyboard spongy and everything physically is ready to go.

Software Preparation

BIOS / EC / Firmware Updates

We always update the BIOS / EC / Firmware to the latest versions of everything to ensure that your laptop is ready to go right out of the box. Included in every build are the MYTHLOGIC Exclusive features we pack in to every laptop.

Install the OS and Loading of the drivers

We don't have pre-cooked images of the OS, we install the stock OS by hand, every time, on every machine. Then as part of the MYTHLOGIC Exclusive features we install all the latest [MYTH] approved drivers for your system which includes updated video card drivers, updated hotkey drivers, etc allowing you to have the latest and greatest when you open the box. Why hunt the internet for "updated drivers" when we already have our own driver set that is right on your laptop!

Install common support software and windows updates:

We also install all the common support software that you have to install to game. Visual C++ Runtime? All 3 (2005, 2008, 2010) and both 32-bit and 64-bit. Flash? Check, Acrobat Reader? Check, Java? Check, Adobe Air? Check, All the .Net frameworks? Those too, The latest DirectX Updates? Of Course. Then we install all the latest windows updates. We do all of this work on EACH system to make sure that you don't have to spend time getting your system ready to game, you just have to sit down and game.

Port Checks

We check every port every time

As part of our physical QA of the machine we check every port to make sure that they all function correctly, webcam, microphone, speakers, audio out, video out, USB 2 and 3, Firewire, eSATA we check'em all. You can see examples of the checks that we do for Webcam, and USB and eSATA we include these results with every machine right on the desktop. In addition we compare the results to previous machines to make sure everything is operating as expected. Click on any of the links to see examples


Did we mention that we run some tests?

We run each of the following benchmarks at least 3 times, while recording both the results and the temperatures from all over the system.

  1. Unigine Heaven (Stresses Video Card and other parts)
  2. Unigine Valley (Stresses Video Card and other parts)
  3. Intel Validation Tool (made by Intel to stress CPUs and Motherboards)
  4. PCMark8
  5. 3dMark (2016)

Example Temperature graphs :

We then compare the temperatures to other machines of the same type to make sure that the IC Diamond was applied properly, and that all the fans and sensors are all working as we expect them to. We also do a pass of SiSoft Sandra to allow you the customer to see the exact configuration (your configuration!) that ran these benchmarks.

Gameplay Testing:

You bought a gamer, so we game on it

Every laptop before it leaves, gets gamed on for at least 60 minutes. Maybe Battlefield 4, maybe Mass Effect, or whatever current game we want to load up and play. We want to make sure that the whole package works for its purpose, as a gamer! So you can be assured that your laptop has been put through its paces by hand, by someone who loves games just as much as you do. We also leave the gaming temperature logs on the system for you to see what you can expect while playing your favorite games.


Put it all together:

After all the testing above, we turn it off and let it cool off for a few hours (overnight) to make sure that nothing breaks once its cool (Heat Stress), then we turn it back on, make sure everything is all set. We then capture YOUR image to the recovery partition and test that it too is all set. Once those final tests are passed we package it all up and get it on it's way to you!

Packaging and Shipping:

It goes in a box.... In a box

Once the laptop has passed all the QA steps, we then put it back in its original box. We then take a larger box (its 22"x17"x12") together with your system binder, mousepad, and any other accessories that you ordered. Fill the larger box with peanuts and then put the original box inside the larger box for extra extra protection. We then use our preferred carriers either UPS or USPS along with FULL insurance and send it to you. We've had laptops travel more than 18,000 miles before reaching their destination, and still arrive safe and sound!

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