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What's New at MYTHLOGIC

MYTHLOGIC Phobos 8715S!
Skylake desktop procs, desktop class GPU, IPS Screens, and nVIDIA G-Sync? It can drive 3 external monitors up to 4K, with PCI-e M.2 next gen storage... All with the MYTHLOGIC service, quality and support you expect.Pre-Order today!



MYTHLOGIC 100% bloatware free guarantee 
72 hour burn in with GPU and Memory stress tests 
Clean meticulous wiring, hand built in Michigan 
- IC Diamond Thermal Compound Standard 
- DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200) 
- 2 way SLI (GeForce)/CrossFireX (Radeon) 
- 4 Year Standard Limited Warranty 


MYTHLOGIC offers two different types of financing for your needs. We offer No Credit needed (or required) 90 day payment option, OR we also offer more Tzal Leasing (or Lease-to-Own) of our custom built machines up to 60 months. Click for more information on financing options.



MYTHLOGIC Corporation
3990 Varsity Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Local: 734.274.2266
Toll Free: 800.735.2515

Hours: Noon-5pm EST 7 days a week

We sell and build custom laptops, desktops workstations, point of sale machines and servers.

We are also a full service repair shop for all makes and models of computers...yes even Macs!

#trulycustom Create your own customized BIOS boot logo, a dream paintjob, crazy vinyl or any other custom ideas you want to throw out. Check out our social mediafeeds for more pictures and ideas.

Quality and Assurance the MYTHLOGIC way

MYTHLOGIC Difference

MYTHLOGIC is not in the business of short term happiness. Every minute of our time and ounce of our effort is devoted to providing you with the best possible computing experience. At MYTHLOGIC, we thrive on providing you with the top level of quality and performance, backed up by our unparalleled support system we refer to as The MYTHLOGIC Difference.

Here are just a few of the standard features for MYTHLOGIC systems

MYTHLOGIC Assurance: Desktops Include a 4-Year Limited Warranty, Lifetime 24/7 Online Support, Lifetime Phone Support, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and much more

Custom Build Process: Every system is tailor-made to your specific needs, there are no pre-installed or pre-configured computers at MYTHLOGIC. MYTHLOGIC ensures your system will perform at the highest level. Read about it here

Phoenix Upgrade Plan: Keep your MYTHLOGIC hardware up-to-date with our unlimited Phoenix Upgrade Plan. We will upgrade your MYTHLOGIC computers' components at a minimal cost to you. Learn More

72 Hour Burn-in: Whether your intended use is extreme gaming, digital content creation or home theatre, all systems undergo a rigorous 72 hour burn-in process and must exceed a minimum benchmark in order to leave our doors. Our higher standards