About MYTHLOGIC Corporation - Computers - Support - Service

MYTHLOGIC Corporation was established in 1999 by a small group of computer gaming enthusiasts, and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. MYTHLOGIC founders have been involved with technology for many years in a number of ways. We have worked in Systems Integration, Technical Support, Information Technologies, Network Design, Graphic Design, and Web Development.

The goal of the MYTHLOGIC Corporation is to provide the most custom options, achieving the highest level of performance, using the highest of quality parts, at a competitive price. Custom|Performance|Computers It is from years of poor customer service and support from existing companies that lead to the formation of MYTHLOGIC. Again, part of our goal is to offer the pinnacle of gaming, creative, and business systems, with unparalleled quality and support.

We have been working long and hard on partnering with all of our primary vendors to achieve their highest tier level, so that we as an OEM can provide you with the very best warranties and quality at a competitive price. MYTHLOGIC systems are built using non-proprietary set of internal components, which over time prove their value in ease of service and expandability. By buying name brand quality components, we feel that raises the overall return on investment of any of our products.

In addition, MYTHLOGIC feels very strongly about giving back to our community. MYTHLOGIC will be establishing our own foundation soon to play a larger part in giving back through gaming community. We have also partnered with the Gamers Outreach Foundation to help further punctuate the impact of the gaming community in the role of charitable organizations.

Here at MYTHLOGIC we are dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible, whether in our signature gaming lines or in our business systems. We not only market and sell gaming, we are gamers! We are always looking to push the system a little harder and get better frame rates, less lag, and run cooler and quieter. We tweak every system, we test every system, we are sad every time we see a system leave the lab. We care about our product and your hard earned money and make a pledge to always make the best product we know how. Take some time to look at our systems and our website, and give MYTHLOGIC a try; you will be one happy gamer or business owner.